Virtual painting See the finished job before it begins

Choosing the right colours for your home or any painting project can, at times, be quite daunting. Using the latest software imported from New Zeland, planning & choosing the correct colour scheme is now impossibly simple. No need to test paint small areas to try and visualise the whole job, why not see the whole project completely finished before a drop of paint has even been bought! Using a virtual painting application, I can scan digital photographs of your home, office or workshop etc and paint then electronically to test different colour schemes. It really is that easy! There are over 2000 colours to choose from, you can even try out some of my pre-selected colour schemes for instant ideas.

The software does not only paint in solid blocks of colour but will automatically incorporate textures, lights and shadows to give a true representation of the finished surfaces

The most successful colour schemes are usually the ones with continuity in mind. It is always useful to think of your project as a whole, rather than a series of unrelated items. Carpets, lampshades curtains etc all play an important part in the overall balance of the completed colour scheme. Using the same techniques as described above, any item can be changed to give a complete picture of the project, right down to TV sets, doors, bed spreads, chairs, light switches, bathroom tiles, kitchen units, bedroom furniture, door handles, anything.

The software does not only include colours but also textures, woods, metallics, marbles, granites etc. The only limits are your imagination.